Lagan Coat

Were you planning on making a coat for the fall? Well then Itch to Stitch is right on time with the release of the Lagan Coat! Kennis put out a call in late January 2021 to test the Lagan Coat. We would certainly be well in time then if everyone had plans to make a … Meer lezen over Lagan Coat

Wanda Top

This knitted stretch with silver thread had been in my closet for several years waiting for the ultimate project. Maybe you recognize that too. And then suddenly the whole picture matches and you can eagerly get to work. The match came with the Wanda top & dress from 5 out of 4 Patterns. There is … Meer lezen over Wanda Top

Spirren Tank

Not an ordinary tank top, but one that will make people look back as you pass. Let me introduce you the Spirren Tank from Itch to Stitch! When you look at the design, you immediately see the beautiful details. I love the pleats under the bust and the gathers at the shoulders. And I've already … Meer lezen over Spirren Tank