Komi Kimono Jacket from Wardrobe By Me

I cherished this fabric for a long time. I wanted to use it at the right time with the right pattern. And then Christina from Wardrobe By Me revised this Komi Kimono Jacket and I knew it was thé moment! You don't know how happy I am! Don't go searching for this gorgeous wool blend, … Meer lezen over Komi Kimono Jacket from Wardrobe By Me


Astoria from peek-a -boo

  The Astoria from Peek-a-boo is a pattern with a top, tunic, mid-thigh and knee length or dress with over 100 possibilities! What do you say? YES! De Astoria van Peek-a-boo is een patroon met een top, tuniek, midden-dij en knielengte of jurk met meer dan 100 mogelijkheden! Wablieft? JA!   The Astoria includes 3 Views … Meer lezen over Astoria from peek-a -boo