My favorite (Sewing) Things

I am so excited to take part in the August Tour hosted by Sewing By Ti!


In this tour we present a favorite pattern and a sewing tool/thing.

To be perfectly honest…Ann Grose from Designer Stitch gave me a push in my back to take part of this. Actually, she’s always there for me as a kind of mentor. So it was a quick choice. I definitely had to sew something from DS and I chose the Georgia Dress!

I already tested the Georgia, but as a top and I really loved it. I also wanted to make the dress, but I delayed it until…now! Let me show you my top…

So now I have the perfect opportunity to show you the Georgia Dress I sewed for this Tour.

What’s so nice about the Georgia?

  • It’s a loose-fitting dress, but still flattering.
  • You can mix fabrics on your sleeves, front and/or back yoke.
  • The pattern instructions are thorough!
  • And it’s a quick sew!


A few weeks ago I was looking for the perfect fabric for the Georgia Dress… Sometimes I drive to the weekly fabric market in the Netherlands (unfortunately only 2 times a year or so) there I found this panel. I saw it and I was immediately in love with this crêpe. I matched it with a black crêpe for the sleeves and my front and back panel. LOVE!!

You can choose for a alternate back yoke with center back pleat and that’s what I did. I also used my black crêpe for it. This way your dress is slightly wider…I like it this way!

Let me introduce you one of my favorite sewing tools…my seam gauge! My seam gauge is always close to me on my sewing table. How can I manage without it? My first was made of plastic, but now I have a metal one. Actually I prefer a plastic one because it’s more flexible… But as you see I can’t use it anymore 😦

If it’s getting colder, I’ll definitely pair it with a cardigan. What do you think of my first piece of clothing for fall?

Me – Georgia – Ann – and my seam gauge ❤



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  1. Your fabric choice is perfect for the Georgia dress….and in especially love that you chose the border design…and a dedicated fabric market…when I read that I thought you are SO LUCKY. I too have a seam gauge – it is such a handy and useful sewing aide. Regards from Ann at DesignerStitch

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